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Primary Academy

Year 6: Outstanding Owls

Our Outstanding Owls are taught by Miss Warren.

This half term, year 6 will be exploring the Arctic. We will be using our knowledge to create a persuasive speech based on how climate change can directly harm animals and where they live. We will also be looking at the history of Shackleton's Journey.

6th January 2021 - Our WOW day

We thoroughly enjoyed our WOW day, which introduced us to our new topic 'Frozen Kingdom'. We discovered lots of different types of animals that live in the Arctic and found out that the natives to the Arctic are called Inuits. We  found that the  Inuits are experts in managing the harsh weather conditions they live in. 

 Take a look at some examples of the work we have completed so far:

Image preview                    




Check out our pleas for helping Arctic animals:

Save the Arctic Fox!


Endangered Polar Animals!