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Primary Academy

Year 5: Perfect Pandas

Miss Hales teaches our Perfect Pandas.


This term we will be looking at the Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. We will discuss their beliefs and why they were mummified, as a class we will also look at how this process occurred and changed over time, we will then have a go ourselves at a little mummification, of tomatoes! Children will make Tutankhamun masks and see the affect of the Nile on the settlement areas around Egypt as well as the determination of Howard Carter to find the hidden tomb of the young Pharaoh.  Our class read will be to look at Secrets of a Sun King, from this we will look at different writing styles using inspiration from the story. Children will write a diary entry as well as a newspaper report based on the reading from our book.


Perfect Panda Celebration Awards: 

Each week, Miss Hales awards the students with the following awards, for outstanding achievement.
Star Writer
Maths Star
Respect, Pride, Achieve Award
The Sticker Chart Award

The students have all worked extremely hard and should be proud of the work they are producing! 
Lets keep it up Pandas!