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Primary Academy

Year 4

This Spring term we will be going back in time to Ancient Egypt to find out all about the Pharaohs, who ruled Egypt and the discovery of Tutankhamun in the Valley of the Kings. We will be learning about the geography of the country, researching Ancient Egyptian History including King Tutankhamun, their beliefs, their language and art. We will also be looking at the tombs and the curses surrounding them. We have many exciting activities planned for you so head on over to One Note to find them all. If you have any questions, please contact you teacher on Teams. 

 In science we will be learning about Sound.  We will learn how we hear and the different sounds we hear and about making music. 


When home learning, please can all pupils download and make sure that they can access Teams and One Note online from home. Their log in details are at the back of their purple homework books. Due to the volume of people trying to access Airhead you might experience some problems with this and therefore it might be better to download Teams directly as to going through via Airhead. Teams will be the platform teachers will use to communicate to their class and set additional work to be completed at home. Can we ask that all pupils log in to Teams daily and send a message to their peers or teachers so that we can see who is able to access the page and who cannot.