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Primary Academy

Year 3: Dynamic Dolphins & Wonderful Whales

Miss Allcorn teaches our Dynamic Dolphins and Mrs. Patrick teaches our Wonderful Whales


Our New Summer 1 Theme is called: 


Fox: Wild, Margaret, Brooks, Ron: Books


In English we will base our work on:


The Fox by Margaret Wild.

Dog is blind in one eye and cannot see. Magpie has a burnt wing and cannot fly. But together the two make a perfect whole. Until Fox comes around and coaxes Magpie away from Dog.

Our Curriculum 

 English:  In English, we will focus on writing a character description in a form of latter. The children will be tested on their sense of humour here! Later in the term we will ask the children to invent their own warning tale based on The Fox. We will work on possessive apostrophes and introduce parenthesis. 

In Guided Reading, we will read Varjak Paw and look at basic retrieval skills combined with summarising and in depth vocabulary work. 

Maths:  Children will be asked to engage with TT Rockstars websites/ apps for 20 minutes a day to keep their mental maths skills up to date. We will work fractions, starting with some based Year 2 skills and we will move on counting in tenths ;later, we will be adding and taking away fractions. 

Humanities – In Geography, the children will look at their town and will have the opportunity to compare it to another European town. We will ue OS maps and Atlases. All this will be based on the work of Sir David Attenborough, and we will start this topic by going on a mini field trip to the local park. The topic will finish on a high- we have invited some Bird of Prey to visit year 3s on the last day of school. 

Science:  We will explore the topic of Plants. We will investigate what plants need to grow, and well water transportation in plants. This should be fun!

PE: We will focus on Atlethics. Children will complete a series of (socially distant) challenges. 

RE: Our focus will be on the Church and the life of Jesus.

PSHE:  The new topic is called Dreams and Goals. It will encourage the children to explore Growth mindset and perseverance. 

Computing: We will create stop motion videos about Food Chains using iPads.

MFL: The children will look at numbers, 11-31,  they will respond to simple questions and will start learning adverbs of time.

Music: The children will use Charanga to learn a new song– Three Little Birds and the Dragon Song.

Important Information


Our outdoor E days are Wednesdays and Fridays. Please ensure your child come to school wearing their school PE kit (T-shirt, balck track suit bottoms/ leggins, black hoodie, trainers) , hair tied back and no earrings.  

Reading Books

Library books and Reading books must be returned to school on Fridays. New books and spellings will be sent home every Monday.

We will also collect all reading logs- if your child reads at least 5 times a week they will receive a toy prize. This si to encourage them to take the initiative and ask you to read with them during the week.


We won't be able to set topic/ project homework this term as we cannot celebrate it in class at the moment. However, we will still ask the children to work on their handwriting, Nessy, TT Rockstars and Spelling Shed. We may occasionally send a handwriting or a Maths sheet home if we feel your child need extra support in that area. 

How You Can Help Your Child at Home

  • Homework- please ensure you register with our Maths homework platform called Maths with Parents (Go Green- we try not to give out paper copies of your children’s homework).
  • Reading to your child is still important, even as they become more independent readers. Sharing a story helps the children to become better readers and writers themselves, so please continue to do this!
  • Follow up research, visits or discussions with your child about what they are learning.
  • Using our amazing online resources: Letter Join, TT Rockstars, Numbots and Spelling Shed, and Nessy (PP)

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Useful Maths websites

Useful English websites