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Primary Academy

Year 2: Terrific Tigers & Brave Bears

Miss Anderson teaches our Terrific Tigers and Mrs Bell teaches our Brave Bears!

Spring Term 2 - Intrepid Explorers


Important Bits

Reading: Pupils will receive a new reading book on a Monday. It is your responsibility to ensure that your child is reading the appropriate level. If you feel they need an easier or more challenging books then please pop us an email to let us know. All books will be collected from the children on a Friday to be quarantined over the weekend before reading for choosing again on the Monday. You should aim to read around 3 times throughout a week.

Spellings: There will no longer be spellings tests in school. As an alternative for Year 2 pupils who need to know their common exception words which you can download at the bottom of this screen in the attachments area. In addition to this there will be spelling assignments set each week on Spelling Shed. 

Homework: Homework is to focus on our Apps; TT Rockstars & Spelling shed. Pupils will also be set maths homework via 'Maths With Parents' on alternating weeks. 

Overview by subject

English: In class we are reading 'The Dot' & 'Ish'. These are perfect stories focusing on wellbeing and positivity.  

Maths: Our new Maths skills will include place value. We will be learning how to count up in 10s, 5s, 3s and 2s and how to understand the value of tens and units. Following on from this we shall be adding and subtracting.

Science: This term the children will be learning about animals and their babies. Growing and how we might change in this process as well as the basic needs we need to keep us all alive. 

Art and Design: We shall be looking at the work, life and art styles Hunderwasser. 

Computing: This term we will teach your children about the basics of computing by learning and practising to log onto computers and open certain web pages/icons. 

Geography: Year 2 will look at maps and aerial images to help them to draw their own maps of the classroom and Rushden. They will learn how to use a key and know North, East, South, West on a compuss to help them to navigate their way around a real map. 

PE: Outdoors basic skills - throwing and catching. 

RE: We will be learning about Christianity and Jesus teaching of kindness to others.