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Primary Academy


Our Writing lead is Miss Gemma Gascoine.

By promoting our school ethos of ‘Respect, Pride and Achieve’, together with our Red Kite Values, our young people will have the character traits, knowledge, and skills to make a positive impact on the world.


C: Culture is embedded in our English curriculum through exposure to diverse literature which is selected to inform and educate about the wider world. 

H: Health is valued, discussed, and debated using a range of diverse characters and role models.   

A: We raise aspirations by providing opportunities to develop a love for writing by immersing in, and inspiring through, a variety of carefully chosen texts and experiences.   

I: We grow our literary identity through the immersion in diverse texts that shape success in writing.  

R: We use speaking, listening, reading, and writing to relate to specific audiences and purposes and explore character relationships throughout a variety of texts. 

At Rushden Primary Academy, we use the Talk for Writing approach to ensure our curriculum ...

  • is engaging and inspiring to all children. 
  • gives the opportunity for children to imitate language of a range of text types. 
  • encourages reading, analysing and using a range of vocabulary rich texts. 
  • embraces and promotes ambitious vocabulary through English lessons as well as other curriculum subjects.
  • embodies purposeful and meaningful writing. 
  • allow the freedom for teachers to adapt their planning to the needs of their pupils. 

Vision and aims for writing in our school:

Children will have/be able to: 

  • a positive and enthusiastic towards writing a range of text types for a range of purposes. 
  • an ambitious attitude to extending and experimenting with their vocabulary. 
  • engaging and inspiring lessons which will equip them to meet and exceed expectations.
  • fundamental writing skills that are secure allowing them to write fluently and coherently. 
  • the opportunity to develop their own style and technique whilst drawing on their knowledge or technical and grammatical accuracy to excite, inform or entertain the reader. 
  • the skills to spell using their phonetic knowledge and spelling rules put in place
  • speak clearly, fluently and coherently, to be able to listen attentively with understanding, pleasure and empathy and contribute to group discussions effectively