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Primary Academy

Religious Education

Our RE Lead is Jodie Gill.  


C: We develop cultural understanding by our learning of many faiths and religions.  

H: We study how different faiths and religions have particular ways to look after their physical and mental health.  

A: We learn about a range of faiths to enhance individuals to aspire to be a role model for their own religion and beliefs. 

I: We aim to create individual identities and beliefs by celebrating diversity.  

R: We nurture relationships to create tolerant, respectful and confident members of the school and wider community.  


Summer 1

Year 1: Theme: Shabbat. Key Question: Is Shabbat important to Jewish children?

Year 1 have been learning all about the Jewish tradition of Shabbat and learnt that as part of that Challah bread is often eaten. They then tried making their own Challah bread!

Year 2: Theme: The Covenant. Key Question:How special is the relationship Jews have with God?

Year 3: Theme: Hindu Beliefs. Key Question: How can Brahman be everywhere and in everything?


Year 4: Theme: Rites of Passage and good works. Key Question: What is the best way for a Jew to show commitment to God?

Year 5: Theme

Key Question:


Year 6: Theme: Beliefs and moral values. Key Question: Does belief in Akhirah (life after death) help Muslims lead good lives?

Spring 2

EYFS: Theme: Easter

Key Question: What is Easter?


Year 1: Theme: Easter. Key Question: Why was Jesus welcomed like a king or celebrity by the crowds on Palm Sunday?

Year 2: Theme: Easter. Key Question: How important is it to Christians that Jesus came back to life after His crucifixion?

Year 3: Theme: Easter. Key Question: What is ‘good’ about Good Friday?


Year 4: Theme: Easter. Key Question: Is forgiveness always possible for Christians?

Year 5: Theme: Easter. Key Question: How significant is it for Christians to believe God intended Jesus to die?


Year 6: Theme: Easter. Key Question: Is Christianity still a strong religion 2000 years after Jesus was on Earth?

Spring 1

Year 1: Theme: Jesus as our friend. Key Question: Was it always easy for Jesus to show friendship?

Year 1 have been learning about Christianity and how they believe Jesus showed friendship:

Year 2: Theme: 

Key Question: 

Year 3: Theme: Jesus' Miracles. Key Question: Could Jesus really heal people? Were these miracles or is there some other explanation?

Year 3 have been learning about Christianity and the miracles they believe Jesus performed:


Year 4: Theme: Passover. Key Question: How important is it for Jewish people to do what God asks them to do?

Year 5: Theme

Key Question:


Year 6: Theme: Beliefs and Meaning. Key Question: Is anything ever eternal?


Autumn 2

EYFS learnt what Christians believe to be the story of the first Christmas and then performed the story!

Year 1: Theme: Christmas. Key Question: What gifts might Christians in my town have given Jesus if he had been born here rather than in Bethlehem? 

Year 2: Theme: Christmas Key Question: Why do Christians belive God gave Jesus to the world?

Year 3: Theme: Christmas. Key Question: Has Christmas lost its meaning?

Year 3 have been learning about different symbols of Christmas:

Year 4: Theme: Christmas. Key Question: What is the most significant part of the Christmas Nativity story for Christmas today?

Year 4 have been learning about the meaning behind a range of symbols of Christmas and discussing their relevance for Christmas today:


Year 5: Theme: Christmas. Key Question: Is the Christmas story true?

Year 5 took a trip to the local church where they discussed with a minister the meaning to Christians behind Christmas.

Year 6: Theme: Christmas. Key Question: Do Christmas celebrations and traditions help Christians understand who Jesus was and why he was born?

Autumn 1

EYFS: Theme: Special people. Key Question: What makes people special?

EYFS have been learning and discussing people who are special to them such as family members and why.

Year 1: Theme

Key Question:



Year 2: Theme: What did Jesus teach? Key Question: Is it possible to be kind to everyone all of the time?



Year 3: Theme

Key Question:

Year 4: Theme

Key Question:


Year 5: Theme

Key Question:


Year 6: Theme

Key Question: