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Primary Academy

Religious Education

Our RE Lead is Amy Horlick.  

Our curriculum is underpinned by our British values, equalities, school ethos and the need to build cultural capital for all our pupils.


C: We develop cultural understanding by our learning of many faiths and religions.  

H: We study how different faiths and religions have particular ways to look after their physical and mental health.  

A: We learn about a range of faiths to enhance individuals to aspire to be a role model for their own religion and beliefs. 

I: We aim to create individual identities and beliefs by celebrating diversity.  

R: We nurture relationships to create tolerant, respectful and confident members of the school and wider community.  

Intent statement from SACRE: Children will be/have:

  • A good understanding about different religions.
  • Able to build an increasing knowledge and understanding of religions, beliefs and of the fundamental questions of life
  • Developing skills and attitudes that enable broad minded and open-hearted engagement in a diverse world
  • Finding interest and satisfaction in studying their own views and the views of others on ultimate questions

Being increasingly skilled at making links between beliefs, values, ways of life and religious practice and with their own experiences, ideas and viewpoints.

At Rushden Primary Academy, we follow planning from sacre. Sacre is an agreed syllabus from Northamptonshire County council.

The aims and visions of Sacre planning is based on an enquiry base. 
The following six attitudes are central in the Northamptonshire Agreed Syllabus, and are essential for good learning in Religious Education. They should be developed at each stage or phase of Religious Education: Self-awareness; Respect for all; Open-minded questioning; Critical awareness; Commitment; Curiosity, appreciation and wonder

Across the school, all year groups will cover all Religions. 
Here is the representation of the religions across Northamptonshire: