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Parents' Voice

Rushden Primary Academy seeks to cultivate an open and welcoming environment, where parents and carers feel able to drop in and talk about concerns, hopes and ideas, to help us improve the work we do.

To this end, our new ‘Parent’s Voice’ parent forum had its first meeting last term.

Unfortunately not as many candidates as we had hoped came forward for nomination, five at the time of the meeting and an additional volunteer since that time. As a result we didn’t have enough candidates for a vote, nor for a representative for each class.

Despite this we felt it was really important to go ahead and launch the group, which will now be made up of one representative for each year group and two representatives for reception, plus Miss Davies (Principal) or another member of the Senior Leadership Team and Debs Francis (Family Support Worker). Hopefully the group will grow and our aim would be to work towards two representatives for each class.

In our first meeting the group looked at Terms of Reference (below) and discussed the purpose of the group and how it will run. Each month there will be a suggested topic for discussion but it is hoped that, through your input, the representatives will bring forward suggestions to enhance the teaching and learning experience of the Academy and to iron out the niggles of daily life (such as problems with parking).

The topics discussed at the Parent’s Voice meetings will feed into the Academy Council in order to ensure that that body is as informed as possible of parents/carers vision for the school. So do be assured that the group will not just be ’a talking shop’ but will have a positive impact on the life and development of our Academy.

Pictures of your year group representative will appear on our website shortly should you want to have a chat with them about the group, and a suggestion box and suggestion slips will be in place in the office reception area from 20/02/2018, for use at any time. Please pop in and use it if you have any ideas you would like bringing to the group.

Each year group will have a different coloured slip, to make sorting the comments easier for the representatives. A list of the representative’s names and the comment slip colour for that year group is below.

Representatives List

Reception – Laura How and Lydia Shuttle - Yellow

Year 1 – Maria Trilk -  Red

Year 2 –  Emma Holden - White

Year 3 – Lucy Ganna-Knight - Orange

Year 4 – Hansa Keshwala - Mauve

A meeting was held on Monday 11th June 2018 - please see the minutes below.

The next meeting is on Monday 9th July 2018 at 2pm.

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