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Primary Academy

Online maths games and apps

Discover a selection of online games that enhance your child's maths skills. These engaging resources offer interactive experiences to strengthen problem-solving, equations, and numerical abilities. Embark on an educational journey together, igniting your child's passion for mathematics and unlocking their full potential. 

Scale reading game: 

BBC Bitesize Key Stage 2 mathematics games: and

BBC Bitesize Key Stage 1 mathematics games:

BBC BItesize Early year's mathematics games:

Topmarks maths games across the primary level:

Fluency apps

White rose 1-minute maths app and 'Numbots' for Key Stage 1 support with adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing – and also ‘Subitising’, the method of instantly recognising items in a group without counting: and

Multiplication and division support from Years 2-6: