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Primary Academy


Our academy is strongly committed to improving literacy and knows the importance of reading for pleasure.  There is good evidence to suggest that young people who read for pleasure daily perform better in reading assessments.  We want to encourage children to enjoy reading and to read a wide range of good quality literature. For this reason, the school has recently made a significant investment in our library with the introduction of Junior Librarian.  The new system allows pupils to take books home from our extensive collection in the library on a weekly basis as well as searching for books to meet their interests.

Each child will be provided with their own unique barcode. They will be able to visit the library once a week with their class teacher or adult to select a fiction or nonfiction book of their choice. They will register and sign the book to their account using a barcode reader and will then be allowed to take the book home for a week to share with their loved ones.

As well as being a Lending Library, the Library will also be open every day from 12.30-1pm. Supervised by a member of staff, the children will have access to iPads during that time. Alternatively they might prefer to make use of the homework corner, or sit and read or draw, or play dominoes or with a spirograph, build with lego or do a jigsaw.