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Primary Academy

Key Stage 2

Year 3 Science Week 2020

Year 3 children have engaged in their Science week by completing a series of practical investigations centred around the topic of Light. We made bottle contractions to see how light travelled though water. The children have also learnt about reflection and shadows.

Year 4 Science Week 2020

We focused on the effects of deforestation in Madagascar.

Each bottle had a different substance in it to replicate the stages of deforestation. We poured water through the mixtures to see the effects on the water collected.


Year 6 Science Week 2020

In Year 6, we were already loving our learning about evolution and inheritance and this linked nicely to the theme of ‘Our Diverse Planet’. To deepen our knowledge on this area, during Science Week, we took part in two key experiments. Our first experiment was to extract the DNA from a kiwi (yes – who knew that was even possible?!), after researching and finding out about DNA scientists such as Rosalind Franklin, we got to work on our experiment. We had to work carefully as it was quite fiddly but we were astounded by the findings.

We also carried out ‘The Beaks Experiment’ which explored the adaptation in bird’s beaks as discovered by Darwin when he was studying evolution. We had lots of fun with this – see the pictures below.