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Primary Academy


Lesson Structure 

Geography is taught in weekly hour sessions (unless the driver subject that term is History). At Rushden Primary Academy our lessons follow our 'Flight Of the Kite'. In Geography, a standard lesson would include:

Reactivate: a recall task to secure and revisit prior learning. 

Teach: the teaching of new knowledge. 

Guided: an opportunity for children to work with a partner or small group to explore a task. 

Independent: a chance for the children to work independently to produce their work using the knowledge and skills they have been taught in that lesson. 

Reflection: a time for them to consider the skills of a geographer that they have used/developed.

KWL grids 

At the beginning of each unit, children are encourage to draw upon prior knowledge and consider what they already know about the unit big question. This should promote curiosity about what they want to know or discover throughout the unit. At the end of the unit, the children will reflect on what new knowledge, skills and vocabulary they have gained. 

Curriculum Boards

Curriculum boards support learning journey in the classroom by acting as a scaffold to refer to for teachers and pupils. They display all of the relevant learning the children have completed and celebrate outcomes that have happened. 

Pictures to follow.