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Primary Academy


Implementation – What Music looks like at RPA


The Music lesson:

Our current music lessons use the Charanga scheme of work and incorporate the flight of the kite which is being used across the entire school. The flight of the kite is as follows:

  • Reactivate
  • Teach
  • Guided
  • Independent
  • Reflect

During the reactivate part of the lesson, children will revisit previous learning and remind themselves of the song they are studying in their Charanga unit. Each lesson starts with an appraisal of a song from the same genre and children will compare the two.

Children will then move into the ‘Teach’ part of the lesson where the teacher will introduce them to a new section of the song to learn. This could be a vocal/instrumental part depending upon how far the children are into the unit. The class teacher will also go over any new vocabulary the children might learn in the lesson.

The guided part of the lesson focuses on working together as an ensemble to learn the different sections of the song. This is done using the I do, we do, you do approach and allows the class teacher to see which children might need more support with their performances/compositions.

The independent part of the lesson allows the children to have an opportunity to put what they have learnt into practice and to focus on learning in an ensemble. Children must use their listening skills to adapt their singing/playing skills to the accompaniment.

The final part of the lesson is the Reflect. Children will critically think about their learning and performing. They will analyse this and come up with suggestions for how to improve their performances/compositions in the future.

Outside of the classroom:

The school have 2 peripatetic music companies that come into deliver lessons to our children. These are ISM music academy and Rocksteady. These music lessons have been hugely successful and have allowed the children to showcase their identity and their aspirations to their peers and parents.