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Primary Academy


Lesson Structure

Computing is taught in weekly hour sessions. At Rushden Primary Academy our lessons follow our 'Flight Of The Kite.'

This is a five part lesson beginning with:

Our reactive part is where we review previous knowledge. This could be knowledge from the previous lesson, previous term or previous year group. In computing this might look like:


Year 2- Reactive question based on year 1 counting data knowledge.


Next, we move to the teach part. This is where new knowledge is introduced. In Computing, this might look like:


Year 2- Teach: Being introduced to tally charts and how to mark in groups of 5.


After that we move to the guided part of the lesson. This is where we work together to complete examples and ask/answer questions using the new knowledge. In computing this might look like:



Year 2- Guided: Creating a tally chart together as a group for the example animals shown.




Year 2- Independent: Children then create a tally chart of their own for the new images.





Year 2- Reflect: Children use their tally chart to answer questions.