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Primary Academy


Lesson Structure 

History is taught in weekly hour sessions (unless the driver subject that term is Geography). At Rushden Primary Academy our lessons follow our 'Flight Of the Kite'.

Big Question Showcases

At the end of each unit of learning, children answer their 'big question' giving them the opportunity to recall the learning that has taken place. This takes account of 'disciplinary knowledge' as well as 'substantive knowledge' so that pupils 'know and remember more' but also 'to do'.

Here are some examples of end of unit big questions:

Year 2

Year 3 

Year 6


Curriculum Boards

Curriculum boards support learning in the classroom by acting as a scaffold to refer to for teachers and pupils. They display all of the relevant learning the children have completed and celebrate outcomes that have happened. 

Year 1                                                            Year 2                             

Year 3                                                                              Year 4

Year 5                                                                      Year 6


Knowledge Organisers 

Each topic will have a knowledge organiser outlining the key knowledge that children should acquire. In addition, each organiser has a prior knowledge section. Please see Year 1 - Year 6 knowledge organisers attached below.