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Primary Academy


The school has seen the impact of music in some exciting ways! First of all, we now have a school song! This was created by the children during our Career's week and we are looking forward to having a full recording and music video soon so watch this space! Have a look at our school song below: 

We can fly through the sky

Taking pride in aiming high

At RPA we come alive

The bird that dares to fall is the one that learns how to fly.


You’ll see in time you’ll know for sure.

The joy inside these corridors

As young hearts thrive, we know our aims

We’ll make the most of today.

The core of re-spect pride achieve

A cornerstone that we believe

A red kite that resembles hope

Together we all sing


A place that we will all call home

Defines the start and then we roam

To futures that inspire our minds

Not forgetting what is behind

A story that connects us all

The bond that leaves us standing tall

Our friendship that will show our love

Together we all sing


We have also seen a huge take up in musical clubs this year. Currently, we are running a sing and sign club afterschools. We also have a school choir which went on an incredible trip to Wembley this year to take part in Voice in a Million. This was such an exciting opportunity for the children to see how music can shape many lives and is such a vital part of our British culture and values. We will hopefully be going on many more musical trips in the future. 

Voice in a Million