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Primary Academy



The reading culture will ensure that all pupils develop a life-long love of reading, whether it be for information, pleasure or other purposes. Pupils will be encouraged to respectfully express their opinions about a variety of texts through careful evaluation considering the context, purpose and audience.


Leaders in our academy prioritise the teaching of reading: word reading and reading comprehension. Leaders monitor the provision of reading through learning walks in Guided Reading and Phonics sessions, analysis of data, weekly team meetings and the impact of this provision through the analysis of (i) end of year cohort data (Phonics Screening Check and end of KS1and 2 Reading) and (ii) individual pupil progress throughout the year (ongoing assessments), (iii) reading PiXL results. 

Assessment at RPA includes: 

  • Assessment for learning techniques within the classroom
  • Pupil voice 
  • 'Reactivate' part of our 5-part lesson structure 
  • Accelerated reader star assessment (1 per big term) 
  • Accelerated reader quizzes
  • Speed reading monitoring
  • Guided reading sessions 
  • PiXL reading tests
  • 1.1 reading 
  • Phonics interventions/ assessments. 

Summative assessment takes place at the end of each term.  At the three assessment points, pupils also sit a standardised test so that gaps can be analysed. Children’s progress and attainment is discussed with senior leaders in pupil progress meetings.

At the end of Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils carry out statutory assessments in Reading indicating individual progress. 

In the Foundation Stage assessment is recorded in each child’s Assessment Profile.  


The Reading Lead and Senior Leadership team are responsible for the monitoring of redaing and the standards achieved by pupils. Monitoring takes the form of: 

 • Learning walks 

 • Book looks 

 • Data analysis 

 • Discussion with pupils and class teachers 

As an academy trust we are fortunate to be able to call on the support of other English leads and specialist teachers. Through moderation of planning, lessons and books, we can be sure that progress is made across all year groups. If progress is not being made, support is immediate, and steps are provided to ensure all pupils achieve and make progress.