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 Our History Lead is Theresa Dignan. 


C: We learn about past events and how it has formed today’s culture. 

H: We recognise how our health has changed over time by learning about past events and attitudes. 

A: We build aspirations by learning about historical figures and how they have influenced us.   

I: We develop our sense of identity by learning how history has shaped today’s society.   

R: We understand how relationships have changed over time, including our economy, class, politics, and race.  


At Rushden Primary Academy we use Focus Education to ensure our curriculum...

  • Is designed to focus on the main historical concepts that pupils need to learn and remember. It is also true to the national curriculum for both Key Stages 1 and 2.
  • Ensures full coverage of the National Curriculum is met.
  • Has a high focus on reading, writing, mathematics, PSHE, religious education, physical education and a foreign language.
  • Is designed to give a metacognitive approach to leaning a knowledge rich curriculum.
  • Is underpinned by our British values, equalities, school ethos and the need to build cultural capital for all our pupils.

Key principles underpinning our curriculum:

  • Children knowing and remembering 'sticky' knowledge
  • Make explicit links and connections between subjects and real-life experiences.
  • Resource rich environment.
  • Children have an enthusiastic attitude towards history lessons and begin to ask and answer questions about the world around them.

The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum supports children’s understanding of history through the teaching of ‘Understanding the World’. This aspect of children’s learning is about how children find out and discover past and present events in their own lives and their families’. Children develop a sense of change over time and are given opportunities to track the passing of time through seasonal change, stories and looking at photos of the past and present.


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Sticky words are identified on a knowledge organiser, taught throughout a unit of work and referred to during the day. As a way of assessment, children are expected to apply these sticky words to their writing across the curriculum. If children use these words successfully, the use of gold star stamp is applied to their work. Sticky words are displayed within the classroom environment and used in all lessons to explain and retrieve definitions.  

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3                                                                                 Year 4

Year 4

  Year 6

Please take a look at the document below to see how we teach History RPA Primary.

This outlines the progression of Skills and Key knowledge taught in each year group.