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Primary Academy

Heritage Heroes

We are writing to inform you of what we have been doing this term in our group called, ‘The Heritage Heroes’. We are a group of 10- and 11-year-olds and meet once a week to develop our knowledge and understanding in the heritage of Rushden. By embedding this initiative within our school, we can educate the other pupils at Rushden Primary Academy and ensure our heritage is upheld.

So far, we have gone on a walk around our local area (Rushden) to look at listed buildings (a listed building is a building that has special architectural and historical interest). On this walk, we discovered a high number of interesting facts and enjoyed walking around and looking at historic buildings. We also looked at architectural details about certain buildings and why they are designed like this. On this walk, we talked about why we thought they had high interest, some of our ideas were that they were vulnerable to falling or that they had a big part in historic events. In   addition to this, we took photographs to use as educational props for when we returned to our school. Written by Gracie.