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Primary Academy

Grammar and Punctuation

Intent:  Consistently high expectations of pupils will ensure that basic use of grammar, punctuation and spelling skills are secure at an age appropriate standard. High quality spoken English will be a non-negotiable for all pupils, despite their starting points, and it is on this foundation that pupils will continue to build a deep understanding of grammatical and technical accuracy in their written outcomes.

Implementation: Having secured a deep understanding of grammatical conventions, pupils will confidently apply these to independent learning tasks across the curriculum. Gaps in understanding will quickly and robustly be addressed to ensure that pupils’ writing skills are allowed to thrive beyond the technical. Pupils will develop a curiosity around language origins and text forms, ultimately leading to an understanding of the power of word choice.

Impact: Pupils’ confidence in the basics will allow them to consciously deviate from technical accuracy to achieve specific effects within written or spoken outcomes. They will understand how language and punctuation can impact on the overall meaning of a piece and will link this to effective communication as a speaker or a writer. Teaching will explicitly link communication skills to wider life outcomes and employability to ensure that pupils understand the importance of accuracy, when appropriate.