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Primary Academy


As a school, we enjoyed discussions about what the term 'growth' means and how it relates to Science and the world more generally. 

To celebrate this year's Science Week, we are undertaking a whole school investigation. Read all about it below. 

Our Challenge!

Which class can grow the tallest sunflower?  

Each class received their four seeds and other things they will need. All classes discussed  and began their investigation during this week.  We will compare results at the end of the Summer Term. 

Each class will have a unique investigation question to challenge their thinking whilst trying to grow the biggest sunflower in the school. The investigation questions are below, along with some picture of our children setting up their experiments.

We look forward to watching them grow and we will update you on our progress.  

EYFS - Can you plant the seeds and look after them?  

Year 1 -  What do seeds need to grow? 

Year 2 - Which conditions will be best for growing your sunflower seeds?


Year 3 - Will the size of the pot effect how a sunflower grows?

Year 4 - Will the temperature effect the growth of the sunflower? 

Year 5 - Will different types of soil effect how a sunflower grows? 

Year 6 - Will the sunflowers grow better with fertiliser in the soil?