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Dental visit

Dental visit

On Tuesday 18th September, Meerkats were very lucky to receive a visit from two Dental Technicians from The University Of Northampton. We had a very informative afternoon finding out about the role of the dentist and dental nurse, about the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene and about how much sugar is actually in some of our favourite foods.

We were all very surprised to find out that a carton of apple juice contains the equivalent of 36 sugar cubes! Children should only be consuming the equivalent of 6 sugar cubes per day so lots of us decided perhaps water and milk would be the best drinks for our teeth from now on rather than drinking a lot of juice.

We got to try on dental gloves, goggles and face masks which we really enjoyed. We learnt how to brush our teeth and gums correctly and everyone received a goody bag too containing a really cool water bottle!

Thank you very much to The University of Northampton for taking the time to come and see us.