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Primary Academy

Computer Systems and Networks - Example Work

Computer Systems and Networks.

Year 1:

In Year 1 we began exploring the definition of technology and how we can use it to help us.



Year 2:

In Year 2 children built on their Year 1 knowledge of the definition of technology further exploring the uses of and types of technology at home and the wider world around us:

Year 3:

In Year 3 children built on their prior knowledge of the definition of technology and the uses of different types of technology in the home and wider world. They explored how digital devices can be connected to create a network and why this can help us:

Year 4:

In Year 4 the children built on their prior knowledge of technology and networks learning about the Internet. They explored how the Internet is a range of networks all connected together. The children also began to learn about ownership and the reliability of content on the Internet.


Year 5:

 In Year 5 the children built on their prior knowledge of the components of computers, networks and the Internet. They learnt that all content on the Internet has an IP address to show where it is stored. They also explored using Teams to work together online to create a digital fact file.


Year 6:

In Year 6 the children worked to apply their previous knowledge whilst learning about how we can communicate online and find information using search engines.