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Primary Academy


Rushden Primary Academy, in line with government directives, expects pupils to attend school for at least 96% of the time. This equates to half a day’s absence every two weeks. If a pupil is absent for a whole day their attendance for that week drops to 80%.


A leave of absence during term time will only be granted where an application is made in advance to the Academy and the Principal considers that a leave of absence should be granted due to exceptional circumstances relating to that application.

What amounts to ‘exceptional circumstances’ will be a matter of discretion for the Principal and should be judged on a case by case basis. Term-time holidays will not be classes as an 'exceptional circumstance', even if it is claimed that a holiday can only be afforded in term time or that a parent is unable to take leave during school holidays.

If your child is absent from the Academy, we ask you to let us know. If your child is absent due to sickness, please telephone the school and leave a message on the Absence Line. If you wish to request absence for any reason other than sickness please complete the Leave of Absence request form located in 'Parent Information - Forms'. If we are not informed of absence we will ring you for confirmation. It would be appreciated if all routine dental and medical appointments could be made out of school hours whenever possible. Where this is not possible, confirmation of the appointment will be required from the medical practice.

Lateness and punctuality

Being punctual for school is vital for pupils to be ready for learning, settle into class routines and make good progress.

Our gates open for pupils and parents at 8:35am, the doors to the classrooms open at 8:40am and registers taken at 8:50am.

Any child arriving after 8:50am will be marked as late and should enter school via the main reception and not the pupil entrance.

Holidays in term time

Rushden Primary Academy monitors the attendance of all children, with an expectation that all children should have an attendance of 96% or above. Monitoring of attendance is a legal requirement and all schools and academies are required to follow procedures set out by the local authority.

Where a term-time holiday is taken, our academy will now have to make a referral to Educational Inclusion and Partnerships Team (EIPT), if your child is absent for ten, or more, consecutive school sessions (a session is half a day). Previous good attendance will not be taken into account and fines of £80 per parent/carer, per child, will be issued.